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Sales & Marketing was one of our founding practices when our firm was established in the 1990’s. Since that time, we have conducted multiple engagements for automotive dealerships, OEM factories and automotive OEM and aftermarket suppliers. We have assisted numerous organizations in increasing sales and digital transformations.

A good example of our ability to locate high potential sales & marketing executives can be found in an engagement we completed for Wabash Technologies of Huntington, IN. The company is an electronic manufacturer of systems for the automotive industry.

Prior to our engagement, Wabash Technologies was struggling with adapting to a global marketplace. They needed professional sales and marketing leadership that was strategic and intentional about their existing and new business development process.

Over the course of this 90 days engagement, we contacted the heads of sales and marketing within the Tier 1 automotive OEM supply base and a successful hire was made.

Bob Stouder, Director of HR for Wabash Technologies had this to say about working with us:
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Like you, I have used executive search firms in the past with less than desired results. They will work hard for your business until the positions are hard to fill or they feel they have earned their cash advance. You have to track them down to discover what they are doing and then they present you with a list of candidates that you could have found in a short search on the internet. Finding a firm that achieves results and is really trustworthy can be a daunting task. Well, I’ve discovered an executive search firm that I am so impressed with that I want to tell you and all of my contemporaries about them.

Jeff Ketchum and his team at ARI, recently completed a very important search for me that resulted in extraordinary success. From the very beginning of the search, (they) understood the importance of finding the right individual who could add value to our company. Better yet, (they) did exactly what they said they would in the time frame he said he would do it. As an HR Director, this is always important to me. I didn’t have to chase ARI to see where we were in the process; (they) kept me informed and talked to our team regularly. This effort saved us countless hours and thousands of dollars by enabling our team to interview only the most talented candidates for the position.

In addition to saving us time and money, ARI eliminated the frustrations typically experienced in dealing with executive recruiting firms. Most importantly, in the end they recruited an outstanding panel of finalist candidates. No other executive recruiting firm I have worked with, retained or contingent, has ever delivered results like this and in such a professional manner.
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