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Our experience in successfully identifying, attracting and assessing program management executives and professionals extends back to the 1990’s. Since that time, we have conducted multiple engagements within the automotive industry for executives with program management expertise. We have helped numerous automotive OEM and aftermarket suppliers in establishing program management best practices and functions within their organizations.

A good example of our ability to locate high potential program management executives can be found in an engagement we completed for Trio Tool Company of Livonia, MI. Established in 1921, the company built special machines for the automotive industry. However, like many automotive capital equipment builders throughout the decade 2000-2010, the company was faced with several challenges from a market and financial standpoint. As a result, Trio’s President desired to reestablish the company’s executive team. Over the course of 90 days, we successfully assisted the President in locating a suitable executive, who could bring order to the engineering and program management functions. The candidate was subsequently hired and then promoted into the President's role within 2 years of his arrival.

Wayne Dual, President of Trio Tool Company had this to share about working with our firm:
(They) took the time to understand our company’s business plan, so the resultant search was not just for a candidate to fill a current position. (They) eventually found the individual who could fill the current position, hire and train his successor, and then move into the upper management position already planned for him.

As is probably very often the case, the candidate (they) found was not actively pursuing a career move. He was satisfied with his current company and had, in fact, just received a new management position within his operating group. When (they) convinced him to come to Trio for an interview, it soon became apparent that he was the right candidate and the actual hiring process began. (Their) assistance in structuring our offer to hire package was greatly appreciated.

(Their) efforts continued when our candidate announced to his previous company his intentions to leave and they responded with the inevitable counter-offer. ARI very capably guided all of us through this maze and, as a result, our candidate successfully joined Trio.
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