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Automotive Recruiters International Executive Search and Selection Services focus on attracting the top 10% of executives and senior managers to our clients. We ensure candidates are strategically matched to our client’s business objectives – turnarounds, transformations and growth.

Stage 1 - Situational/Strategic Assessment & Planning for the Hire

Every engagement we conduct requires an on-site visit to assess our client, their business and the company’s culture. Following this visit and in collaboration with our client, we develop the job model for the position, establishing the skills, competencies, cultural requirements, expectations and accountabilities for the role. This insures that objective and unified criteria is utilized during our search efforts and our client’s interviews.

Secondary services offered at this stage include succession and integration planning, to insure a smooth transition for incumbents and newly hired executives. These services also enable a newly hired executive to make key contributions much quicker than average.


Stage 2 - Automotive Executive Search

Once the position is defined, our automotive consultants determine how to market a client’s opportunity. We focus on attraction rather than recruiting during this stage. Our automotive recruiting research team develops a target list of organizations that would most likely employ executives with the qualifications our client is seeking or be able to refer qualified candidates.

During this time, we also will identify those automotive executives within our expansive database that hold promise and would most likely be qualified and interested in our client’s role. We then directly approach these executives to develop interest in exploring our client’s opportunity.


Stage 3 - Automotive Executive Assessment & Selection

Once interest is developed with a suitable number of candidates, our qualification and vetting process begins. We have developed a proprietary qualification process that ensures that the final candidates are the top 10% of automotive executives in their field. After our qualification and vetting process, the top 3-4 candidates remain.

Our client then interviews these 3-4 finalists with one of our consultants present to serve as an advisor and provide counsel throughout the interviewing process.

Our clients select two finalist candidates which are then interviewed at a separate date and time. From these interviews, a finalist candidate is selected, and an offer is structured by the search consultant and client that results in acceptance and a start date being established.

Tom Redman, President of Tube Fab/Roman Engineering had this to share about working with our firm:
Almost everything about working with Automotive Recruiters International was different than working with other firms in the past. They made it a priority to truly understand our organization’s needs as well as our culture. They brought qualified candidates versus available candidates. They brought value to our company not only by presenting top shelf candidates but by teaching us how to conduct this process more effectively in the future. They followed up to ensure the candidates we successfully on-boarded and participated in this process. Their firm is unlike any other automotive recruitment firm I have ever worked with and has set the bar extremely high for any future automotive industry recruiters we might consider working with.
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